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Hubert Descamps

Hubert Descamps



Feel free to follow me, I'm glad to share with you all. I started shooting with an OM1 when I was a teen and I kept shooting with it until 95. In 95 I bought a Nikon F90X. But couple years later the first digital camera came out. I stopped shooting by the time because I didn't like a camera without 24X36. In april 2011, I finally bought a Nikon D700 and I'm still using my old lenses that I bought for my F90X. Between my two reflex, I bought a Lumix that's why you'll see some lumix shot on my gallery. It's a challenge to start again with a reflex because I've to learn everything again, specially the raw format. Also, I need to exercise my eyes again. Sorry for my english there's maybe a couple mistakes. Nice sharing with you all. In december 2012 I bought a D800
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