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Mark Hutton

Mark Hutton



I am a professional Graphic Designer with over 20 years experience based in Glasgow, Scotland. I have a passion for photography and love taking landscapes shots around the beautiful Scottish mountains.

Glasgow architecture

Published November 9th, 2012

These are a selection of what will be an ongoing update of Glasgow architecture photographs. I have taken shots of iconic Glasgow buildings and put my own style on to them. They will be updated regularly so check back soon. Also let me know what you think of these, do you like them or not? it would be great to have some feedback.


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Capturing the Red Squirrel

Published July 25th, 2012

He is my follow on story regarding the Red Squirrel in Aviemore, he started to get really brave, jumping down for some nuts that I left him, a great chance to get some photos of him.

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Red Squirrel

Published July 24th, 2012

They are becoming very difficult to see in Scotland now, with only a few places up in the north that you can now see them, so to be able to get close to them was magical. He danced around and almost enjoyed placing around me. They really are fascinating.

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