Ian Cameron

Ian Cameron
Professional Landscape Photographer
Forres, Scotland.


I am a professional landscape photographer based in the north of Scotland quite close to Inverness. Oddly in this digital era I choose to shoot exclusively with film using an old steam driven Pentax 67II medium format camera, with a brace of lenses extending from 45mm to 200mm and my film of choice is Fuji Velvia 50. I won't go into the reasons behind this decision, suffice to say, I like the results I get, my clients like the results I get and I don't find myself at a commercial disadvantage to other digital photographers. That said I keep these parameters under constant and regular review.

Although I have travelled extensively it is still Scotland's landscapes that please me the most. The driving force for my own photography is light and always has been and I coined the phrase Transient Light to describe my own feelings about that special moment when light, composition and subject matter work together coherently to turn an otherwise ordinary scene into something extraordinary.

Interestingly I first came across the expression transient light back in the days when I was a research engineer at Wellcome - Glaxo Smithkline as it is now. One of my tasks was to devise a way to measure the tiny and shortlived quantity of light given off as a result of a process known as chemiluminescense something scientists referred to as - yes, you guessed it - transient light. Although this was nearly twenty years ago and this was the fledgling era of my own photography I remembered thinking at the time that this would be an excellent title for a photographic business.

Roll on a dozen years, world travel, marriage and kids and I found myself setting up my own sole trading business. I have been working under the banner of Transient Light for around ten years and was surprised and delighted to find that no-one had purchased that domain name or any derivative of it for their own website.

Had I known then what I know now about the internet and the business environment I would have bought up all the other domain names, for now the expression transient light seems to be quoted everywhere, with exhibitions, websites and just about everything else photographic being similarly referred to by this exact same phrase.

Today I enjoy a thriving website, my pictures have been used on maps, puzzles, books, diaries, record sleeves, and in advertising, an image of mine appeared in Apples iphone versions 2 and 3, as wallpaper backgrounds. It was quite a proud moment finding my pile of old stones from a beach in Moray next to Leonardo DaVincis Sunflowers. Some of my Scottish images were sold as limited editions through the supermarket giant Lidls and of course I am always tickled pink to find my work hanging in the homes and offices of the general public, something that pleases me enormously.

I have always tried to put something back into photography and as such hold regular, workshops and masterclasses ostensibly within Scotland. These can all be found on my parent website at WWW.TRANSIENTLIGHT.CO.UK

I hope you enjoy my work.

Ian Cameron

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