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San Francisco Music Hackday 2012

Published February 22nd, 2012

In February 2012, Spotify sent myself and a few colleagues to the Music Hackday in San Francisco. Time zone differences meant I was up before dawn, so I wandered round taking photos before hacking for 24 hours. Once that was over, we went over to a comic book shop our hotel check-in clerk recommended and nerded out for a bit.

Men in Black

Totally the MIB building, right?

Main and Folsom

Bay Bridge at Dawn


Programmer Food

Programmer Breakfast!

Still holed up in my corner at the hack day. Look at all the code I wrote!

Under the Parasol

Our corner was under a skylight, so the building had this parasol in place. It wasn't bright - I just wanted to see the people opposite me!


Two people THRILLED to be coming to the comic shop on the bus with me.

Cards & Comics Central

I have never seen a place so awesome in my life.

Blanc Neige

The anime figure I bought at Cards and Comics Central, now living on top of the G4 Cube on my desk at work.

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