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Ian Blöckhead

Ian Blöckhead



"Microspiders & More " ...I stand before you as a humble worker of art, portrait nearly everything around me in my surroundings, i work as a painter of murals,this is my livelihood, I dream to live from the music and know many places that all of you portray with such a good eye! I consider myself a musician by vocation, my nickname in social networks i owe it to music precisely because the first album i`ve heard I remember from my childhood was Ian Dury and the Blockheads. My name is Fabian Furtado, I'm a singer in a heavy metal band of Uruguay, in case anyone wants more information just simply search on youtube REYTORO,that is my band,as I told to you before,Im not intend to compete with such amazing professionals photographers, I just want to show you how in everyday neighborhood live there is so much material,and each one of my travels,take me to do images that capture experiences or colors or just moments from the lives of the macroworld !!! .....thanks to teach me the world whit art !!
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