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Ilayda Portakaloglu

Ilayda Portakaloglu



I am NOT a Photographer i am Only a ArtWork Artist create Illusions and used Stocks which i get Permissions and Licenses from the Stock Photographers... So my Artworks have a Copyright ... All Works are done by Stocks with Permission and Credits !! So all materials that i used on the Site is either owned or controlled by Ilayda Portakaloglu or its Clients ... All Credits are given and get Licenses and Permissions from the Stock Owners . Copyright in the compilation of all materials on the Site is owned by Ilayda Portakaloglu. No Materials on the Site may be copied, downloaded, reproduced, altered, displayed or further distributed or transmitted without obtaining our prior written permission. Any use of these marks is strictly prohibited without obtaining the owners prior written permission. Please Respect this. My Works Are NOT Stocks, and Dont use them without my Permission in Blogs, Myspace, Facebook or everywhere !!! Please Credit me Back, so i could Credit the Stockowners Back !!! Please respect this ... Thank you ... Ilayda Portakaloglu Ilayda Portakaloglu ( Ilayda-Arts) is born on 18.04.1987 in Istanbul. Her parents are originally from Kars (Turkey) and Thassos (Greece). With 4 years she came with her parents to Germany. She is raised with 4 brothers and has completed high school. After her schooling, she trained as administrative assistant and at the same time she completed her studies in business . With since 18 years discovered she her love to photographs and manipulations. Since about 2007 she handled her emotions and feelings in her works. She is an amateur in this field and have fun at her works. Hope enjoy it...

Ilayda Portakaloglu has not written any stories.