Published March 7th, 2013

Who am I what do I do? Part I can think of author would like to immortalize the frame I have ever seen. Remaining attached to my ear and listen to music, read books, loves little paste around taking notes, I still am a worker did not come out the soul of the student, candidate, but I'm too young to become a veteran :) .. As much as I love my family so at least I like to write poems, love poetry, I find myself lost. I dream of the sea edge sip my tea drinking, Istanbul and a sip of tea in front of me with love in my heart .. Istanbul, known my words shut up, from top to bottom I love the magic of this city kapılıveriririm kokarken here. A little quiet, a little playful, reads and writes, in love and in love istanbula am one .. His heart lost in between them :) Speaking of books, and I find myself with more than strings .. Moral, Love, istanbula, photography, music, books, poets, novels, stories, stories, memories, Jasmine green tea, a sip, a pinch Simi, this is one of my husband who was ...

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