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Colonia is just around the corner

Published January 22nd, 2013

Living in Argentina, Uruguay has always been one of the most popular choices for the holidays. Oddly enough, I had never been there before. Never ever.

But there's always a first time, right? And so we went there for a weekend on November.

If you haven't heard of it before, Colonia del Sacramento is a very much loved tiny coastal town. It has small colonial houses made from thick stones, colorful flowers and plants and lots of curvy streets that make meandering the best pastime. And sunsets at the beach ─with Buenos Aires city lights on the background─ make it even more special.

I've lots to visit in Uruguay yet ─I just hope I have the time!


colourful doors

Colonia's houses were full of colourful doors and beautiful balconies.

and more pretty doors

More old doors & brick and stone houses.

old cars and steep staircases

On every street there were parked cars with plants growing in them.

street signs

Old-style ceramics are a big thing there and treet names are beautifully hand painted.

and more street signs

Every house has at least one of them on its door.

fabulous cars

The old cars on the streets are really well kept (the ones that don't have plants inside!) and give an old-fashioned atmosphere to the whole town.

oh, the heat

It was hot on the first day we arrived but being near the coast seemed to dissipate a lot of the heat.

And of course, there was "hielo" (spanish for "ice) on sale.

staying near the coast

No matter where you're going, you always seem to get to the coast .:)


sunsets and amazing skies

I could have stayed for hours just looking at the sunset and the water and the clouds going fast through the sky.

the storm is coming

A storm was headed over to Colonia on our second night there. It poured and poured all night long!

However, the next day was sunny and hot again.

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Noah  about 5 years ago

I visited Colonia last Winter. Loved the lighthouse climb...

Inés Castellano  about 5 years ago

Yes! The view is stunning. I really enjoyed the trip :)

Paulette Simone  about 5 years ago

Lovely, I am enjoying the unfolding story as well!

Inés Castellano  about 5 years ago

Thank you! :)