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Ines Njers

Ines Njers




Why I often mess up with the autofocus?

Published November 10th, 2011

Hello to everybody,

I'm sure that everybody is sometimes annoyed about blurred pictures, especially when you captured a good shot.

But I often mess up with the autofocus and somethimes I realy don't know why.

Especially in in the case of "walk by shots" I know that I have to get a short shutter-time to freeze the motion, so it works sometimes good.

But in any cases when I want to have the background and the person sharp it often happens, that the background is sharp and the person passing by the background is blurred. Or as in this case everything went wrong.

Look at the picture below and you'll get perhaps an imagination what I mean.

I saw this man coming and noticed this sad face made with tapes on the wall and I was sure to get a fantastic shot.

I put quickly the setting of my camera to the exposure time 1/125s and the aperture was 1:10, ISO 200, so this are my exif data of this shot.

In the uploded version I resarpened it as best as I could and it's unfortunately still unusable. ...

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