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A small surreal photo collage to show the development of being: birth, musical (i.e. a mathematical - quantitative and qualitative ) growth and a flight to the future, towards death and new birth. It can be "red" from the right to the left or from the left to the right. It can be seen as a representation of the biological and - sometimes - historical circle ( history and life are by no means circles for me, but similar things can happen in similar circumstances).

turns of history

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Peter Humphrey  over 5 years ago

Beautifully captured ! you have a great mind full of wisdom and sensitivity!

Maria Alexea  over 5 years ago

Extra info: The use of ruins aims, among other things, at an emphasis on the importance of the past for determining future, i.e. as experience and knowledge as the ground of inspiration, contemplation, innovation etc. The ruins are also re-imported to use with an artistic functionality within the concept.

Adam Spieler  almost 6 years ago

Fantastic! My mind always goes to figuring out the story held inside the photo and this one has a great story!