Isaac Rauscher

My name is Isaac Rauscher and I'm a self taught fine art landscape and nature photographer. I am a husband and a father of two living in Santee (San Diego County), California. My passions belong to art and music. Art, in it's various forms has always been a constant in my life. For 35 years I was extremely focused on music, wrote many albums and played countless concerts. Photography has always been something I enjoyed , however, like everything else it took a backseat to my music. My dream since the tender age of 10 was to become a famous rock star. I gave it a valiant effort for over 30 years and had a great time doing it. In this life, you're lucky if you've been blessed with any artistic talent. I believe that art is something that flows through us from something much bigger than our individual selves. As a musician I often felt that musical ideas came to me rather than from me, as if I was more like a receiver than a transmitter. I would often notice other successful artists releasing songs that were very similar to ideas I had written and never released. In my mind , I imagine that those ideas were floating around, looking for a place to call home, and maybe crossing multiple artists minds until someone could successfully write and record it. I feel much the same about art photography. The days I choose to shoot are days when I feel compelled emotionally. Occasionally I may plan a shoot with a friend on a certain day but most of the time it's on a whim that I feel the need and I feel almost as if I'm being called to a location.  My style and technique is centered around experimentation and discovering inspiration in nature. Composition and feel are my main focus as I want my work to evoke emotion. I aspire to create a body of work over the next few decades that focuses on the beauty of our planet and allows people a chance to escape ,relax and discover Mother Nature in a new light.

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