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Jacopo Trono

I was born in Padua, May 9, 1991.
In the adolescence I started to get interested in music and composition.

Over time I have also gained a passion for visual Arts:
I always liked to draw and I approached the painting occasionally favoring the technique of oil painting.

I found myself with the camera in my hand in the spring of 2012 thanks to my father's passion for photography, his equipment and his huge collection of books on the subject. From drowing I inherited a penchant for black and white.

The pictures that I prefer are the ones that concern the experimental usage of light. The portraits involve me considerably, I like the power that photography has to unfold the story of the people or the facets of the character through the simplicity of a look.

I'm constantly in a synesthetic research of suggestive images in the words of my music as much as in the lines of my shots.