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I'm done with Flickr

Published August 7th, 2011

I have been using Flickr for quite a few years now, even paying for a Pro account for most of them. Throughout these yearsI have been explored, kicked, banned and account "suspended" because I was linking to some of my prints - while multitudes others were and still are doing the same.

Because of this suspension, I lost the momentum I was building and haven't had an explored image for a year now, while views and getting lower by the day.

I was browsing through the interesting images I noticed blurry self-portraits, low-quality images and others with no technique what so ever... Flickr is dead - as soon as my account expires I'm getting an awesome account on 500px - where I am astonished (and quite ashamed of my own photography) at the quality of the images...

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Jakov Cordina  over 6 years ago

All well said guys. I mean I like a little retribution for my work but I don't think I should work for it by stalking and commenting on other people's photos just to get some feedback on mine.

Misty Dawn Seidel  over 6 years ago

I couldn't agree more with what you and the comments. I really enjoy looking through the photos on 500px and leave comments on many. However, I like that I don't feel that I HAVE to comment. The social "obligations" on Flickr got to be too much for me. I work three jobs, help run our farm, and have obligations at home. If I don't get a chance to comment on my "friends" photos for a while, I end up getting a serious guilt trip put on me. That's frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I have made some of the best friendships I've ever experienced through Flickr, but Flickr has become more of a social network and has lost its focus on quality photography.

crom dull  over 6 years ago

excuse my english, plizzzz

crom dull  over 6 years ago

i also noticed that "my flickr friends" only exist when I tell them how Magnificent are their facebook pics....

crom dull  over 6 years ago

post one, award 5, comment 10........have u noticed how beautiful looks ur pictures in 500, and how poor is the flickr interface┬┐?

David Mould  over 6 years ago

I do agree, but I have made and met so many friends on flickr I will keep my account going...it also reminds me of where i have come from in the past few years.... but it does feel a bit tired... whereas 500px feel s much more modern...

Doug Wheller  over 6 years ago

I agree that Flickr Interestingness is not a patch on 500px these days. I'll keep my Flickr collection for now as the visits and exposure is still much greater than the niche 500px. But I think Flickr really needs to get smarter if they want to stay relevant.