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The Kingfisher the blue and orange gem of the waterways how to see them close up

Published October 10th, 2012

The Kingfisher the blue and orange gem of the waterways as it fly' s low along the water like a bright blur.This is what most people ever see of this stunning bird but with some effort and patience you can see these birds perched close up. The best way to go about doing this is to first find your kingfisher once you have located your bird the next step is to find its favourite fishing place this can take sometime but it will be worth it once you have. So you have found the hunting ground the next step is to get your self well hidden using some kind of hide then its a waiting game but with the patience and determination you will be able to see one of these birds in all its glory very close up indeed. As a wildlife photographer i have to get as close as possible to get the best photographs so by taking these steps you can also have ago at getting your own close up photographs to be proud of good luck.

James Burman Wildlife photographer and wildlife watcher


Kingfisher montage

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