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james chiew

james chiew



Biography James Chiew – Multifaceted autodidact with attention to detail James Chiew is originally from Singapore. At a young age he emigrated with his family to The Netherlands. Everything that James creates started as a hobby. James did not receive any training in design or art. Therefore, he has developed his skills as professional art director and photographer all by himself. In 2001 James founded his graphic design agency. Since then, the agency is having an established position within the Western and Asian catering sector in The Netherlands. To develop his attention to detail, James started in 2005 with photography. At first in product photography, followed by culinary photography and later on with model photo shoots. As of 2009 James has started creating artwork, at first for the catering sector and subsequently for galleries and exhibitions. In 2013 one of James’ 3d-artworks had been chosen to exhibit during the exhibition “Beeld van Beatrix” in the palaces “Het Loo” and “Soestdijk”. A big honour for James, being selected from 72 artists. Moreover, he was the only artist with an Asian background. Characteristic of James’ artwork is the combination of analogue techniques (canvas, interior products and materials) and digital techniques (photography and design software). He is always looking for new materials to work with. James combines these materials and creates new artwork with for example wood, gold-leaf, different kinds of paint, synthetics, epoxy or stainless steel. This way ever more innovative artwork will arise. James is mostly inspired by the basics of life. He sees no limitations in materials but always uses the full potential. His motto: “If you’re not pleased with what you see, create it yourself”.
  • Nikon D3
  • Leica X1 pro
  • Polaroid SE600
  • Fuji-E1
  • Leica X1 pro
  • Polaroid SE600
  • Fuji-E1
  • 35 mm, 1.4f
  • Nikon 2.8 24-70mm
  • Nikon 2.8 14-24mm
  • 35 mm, 1.4f
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