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James Darden

James Darden



  • Nikon D700 & D80
  • 35/f2, 50/f1.4/ 35-70/f2.8, 24-70/f2.8, 80-200/f.28, 300/f4

Can't leave things half done

Published September 2nd, 2011

I'm one of the network admins where I work and one of my jobs is to maintain our student lab which houses 25 desktops. As you would imagine, these systems naturally take a beating because let's face it, human nature dictates you don't really take good care of things that don't belong to you. And these look every bit their age.

Every year, before the Fall quarter, I refresh the lab by deploying XP Pro with all the latest versions of the apps the students use. Some of these have annual licenses that have to be updated as well. I do this by using a server to push an image to the lab using a cloning process. Typically it takes about 2-3 hours from imaging to re-licensing all the necessary applications on each desktop. I have not figured out a way to automate the licensing process and make it part of the deployment.

Last night it was that time and I figured if I started at 7:00, I'd be done by about midnight at the latest. Well I TOTALLY underestimated the amount of time it would t ...

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New Kid in the Block

Published August 30th, 2011

I was perusing Zack Arias' blog yesterday and caught a video stream of him being interviewed in TwiT-TV. During the course of the interview, he talked about 500px. After checking it out I saw some amazing talent and thought I'd join.

Talentwise, I'm not even in the same universe as these photographers. In comparison, my work would get ripped apart but I joined anyway because I like how technology & social networking is used to establish connections. Bringing people closer together and narrowing the distances that separate us.

Social networking has exposed us to a talent pool that a few short years ago would have otherwise taken years or decades to discover. Shattering old perceptions and beliefs of getting work showcased. I think that's pretty cool.

So thought to myself, this is another pretty cool forum to see other people's work and maybe get some inspiration.

I'm not a blogger. I've never felt I've had anything interesting enough to blog or write about let alone anything ...

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