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In the Field Workshops

Published January 9th, 2012

James Shadle's "In The Field Workshops"

The Original Tampa Bay by Boat Workshops and Tours!

Arthur Morris/Birds As Art, Approved and Recommended Workshop/Tour Conductor.

James is a licensed US Merchant Marine holding an OUPV from the US Coast Guard.

Boat Workshops and Tours

Full Day

1 Photographer, $450

2 Photographers, $400 each

3-4 Photographers, $350 each

Half Day

1 Photographer, $300

2 Photographers, $275 each

3-4 Photographers, $250 each

In most cases I am able to charge the lower rate by booking multi-photographer trips. I limit my workshops to 4 photographers.

I offer group discounts and can take up to 6 photographers with prior arrangements.

If you have any questions, or to schedule a Custom Workshop or Tour, contact James Shadle via email at

or via cell @ (813) 363-2854 , Home @ (813-689-5307)

James Shadle’s “In the Field Workshops” is the original Tampa Bay by boat nature photography workshop and tour provider. He has an exciting list of locations that will give you the opportunity to create incredible images of dramatic behavior and stunning plumages.

James owns and operates a 20' tri-toon boat (The Hooptie Deux) that has been customized specifically for photography workshops. It’s roomy, comfortable, and stable. The boat is equipped with a quiet and environmentally friendly E-Tec outboard motor. It also has a powerful, silent, electric trolling motor with wireless remote control. The boat can be configured with no top for onboard photography or with a bimini top to provide shelter from sun and rain.

Refreshments are available at all times.

You may photograph from the boat; however your best opportunities will be from wading in the shallow, hard bottom waters. At times, the tide can prevent my boat from getting as close as necessary. By wading we can get closer to our subject and have more control over light angles. If you don’t have waders, we will provide a pair for you.

New For The 2012 Season

The Hooptie Deux has been completely re-fit, including new seats, carpet, sound system and safety features.

Three new rookery locations available.

New waders and boots are available for client use.

Field Instruction:

With such small groups, you’ll get all the personal attention you want or need. Our field instruction is driven by your needs, goals, and aspirations. Information that we are likely to cover (depends on clients wants or needs) during an instructional workshop will include:

Matters of Light

Light Quality

Light Quantity

Soft Light/Harsh Light

Color Temperature and it's Psychological Effect

Light Direction, On axis, off axis and backlighting

How to make tack sharp images, time and time again

Using your camera's Auto Focus Modes

Using your camera in Manual Focus Mode

Handholding and Flight Techniques

Long Lens and Tripod Techniques

Nailing the exposure, the most difficult element of photography to learn (or teach for that matter)

Understanding Metering Modes

Understanding Reflected and Incident light

How to distinguish different tonalities and how they affect the final image

Species List

Roseate Spoonbill

White Ibis

American Woodstork

White Morph Reddish Egret

Reddish Egret

Great Egret

Snowy Egret

Cattle Egret

American Oystercatcher

Black Crowned Night Heron

Little Blue Heron

Tri-color Heron

Caspian Tern

Royal Tern

Sandwich Tern

Least Tern

Laughing Gull

Magnificent Frigatebird

How to Proceed

Contact me with a date or range of dates that you are interested in.

If you have a range of dates, I prefer to book at the earliest date. That way if we have a weather washout, we will still have days later in that range to get your trip in.

Once your booking is confirmed, I will send you the time and place to meet.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your spot, we get very busy “in season”.


The majority of my trips launch from Williams Park in Riverview, Fl. (see attachments)

I recommend the Country Inn Suites located 15 minutes from the dock in Brandon, Fl. (see attachments)

What to Bring

All the gear you want (within reason) we have plenty of room.

Tripod, camera media, camera batteries, telephoto and short lenses. A favorite hat and warm outerwear for the boat ride out to our location.

A laptop computer (to review images during our mid-day break).

Waders (if you don’t have waders, please let me know your shoe size and I’ll provide a pair).

What is a Day on the Bay?

We launch 45 minutes to 1 hour before sunrise. The trip to the islands takes about 20 minutes, giving us plenty of time for sunrise and

silhouette images. Once on location we set up and begin photographing the amazing birds of Tampa Bay. Depending on the lighting

conditions (we will stay out longer in overcast conditions) we start our return to the dock about 3 hours after sunrise. Once back at the

dock we take our mid-day break.

You are on your own during the mid-day break. However, I like to review the morning’s images at some time before we return for the

afternoon session.

The afternoon session begins about 3.5 hours before sunset and we will return not long after the sun sets. In addition to photographing

our primary subjects, we will also have opportunities for sunset and silhouette images.

If you have any questions, or to schedule a Custom Workshop or Tour, contact James Shadle via email at

or via cell @ (813) 363-2854 , Home @ (813-689-5307),

Capt. James Shadle

Nature and Wildlife Photography Specialist



"I have been dreaming of this image for years… Thanks to James Shadle’s expertise, it is now a reality rather than a vision. He is driven, hard-working, talented, and just a helluva nice guy (as is his son Blake). If you visit Jim's web site (, you will quickly see that he is a fine photographer; be sure to check out the Wildlife and the Abstract galleries. Most excellent photographers are also-almost by necessity-excellent naturalists as well and James, having taken the Freshwater Module of Florida University's "Florida Master Naturalist" program fits right into that category. His ability to spot small creatures like rattlesnakes (swimming in salt water) and baby Diamondback Terrapins borders on the supernatural (and he is-of course-a fine macro photographer)." - Arthur Morris

"James - Thank you for a great day photographing birds in Tampa Bay. I never would have taken so many great shots without your knowledge of the best locations, and your ability to quietly approach to within close proximity. My primary goal was to photograph roseate spoonbills in flight, and I was thrilled with the images I got. I'm planning on bringing my family the next time so they can enjoy the incredible spectacle of hundreds of birds in a natural environment." - Jim Zuckerman

"Look no further than James Shadle if you want the best photographer/guide in the state of Florida. He not only knows all the hot spots, he also knows the small, little known nature spots that other guides have no idea even exist. If his instincts for finding wildlife aren't enough, he is also an outstanding photographer who loves to share his skills and knowledge and is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend James and his tours!" - Jim Caldwell

"Thank you very much for a great weekend. I made some great images,

but most of all, became a better photographer thanks to your good teaching.

I learned a lot, from a very nice guy, and in great surroundings." - Thomas S. Harbin, Jr., M.D.

"We came for the spoonbills and you sure got us spoonbills! Additionally you went on to bring us too many other birds to begin to mention. Your knowledge of the effect of the tides and winds, combined with your knowledge of the birds and their behavior and habitat ensured that we always made the most of the environment and the lighting. The combination of great birds and great light combined to give us great images.

Your handling of your photographer friendly pontoon boat and the supply of waders on board enabled us to get closer to the birds than we had dreamed was possible. We are amazed at how many of our images are full frame or close to it. In addition to enjoying your good humor and patience, we learned some new techniques that we will continue to utilize. We are already looking forward to our next tour with you!" - Bob & Jorja Feldman

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