500, safer than Flickr?

Published July 19th, 2011

So until recently i stopped blogging and uploading my photos. Why? Well i had started up a flickr page a while ago to try and get a bit extra exposure when i got a message on Twitter from a kind soul telling me they loved my website and thought they had seen some of my photos on Tumblr…..

Anyway, long story short.. i googled and it appeared that someone had ripped off photos that i had done in 2009, and when i say ripped off i mean they were copied down to the title, the way the figures were positioned, the composition, the lighting: and naturally he had a lot of praise from his followers on there! Three photos were identical and shot a whole year and a half after mine AND it appeared he had done the same to other photographers too.

Thankfully they were from a small project i had started and rapidly stopped doing because i thought they werent original, so he can have them: the new stuff i do, i personally prefer and is a little more unique but at the time i pulled all work off all we ...

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