500px and the Lack of Sports Photography

Published November 10th, 2011

Photography is a subjective art form. Everyone likes something different. It's not something you can put your finger on or say definitively what it is that makes a good photo; But as with all things, diversity is the spice of life.

After many many rounds of beer with my good friend (and exceptionally talented landscape photographer) Kyle Worthy, we both have come to the conclusion that we want to see more variety on 500px.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I appreciate all forms of photography. But I am of the opinion that the photos that consistently get the highest ratings on 500px are getting stale. Your standard HDR photo of a pretty sunset, a lighthouse, a cute cat, a naked woman. That's all I see week in and week out. They're great photos but I want to see what the rest of the photography world has to offer.

In chatting with 500px marketing manager, Andrey, he suggested I write this blog post and spread the gospel to fellow sports photographers.

So here it is.

I need help. I know there are a few very talented sports photographers out there on 500px, but overall, they get a tiny percentage of the ratings that landscape, fine art and wildlife photographers do and I have no idea why. I think the only way to get our photos seen is to get more of us on here. The people that know what it's like to stand in the rain waiting for the play of the game. The people that walk 25 miles on a race weekend. The people that make a living out of their passion for athletic competition in all shapes and sizes.

Landscapers, wildlifers, nudists, street photographers: keep up the great work! BUT, I'm ready to see something new and fresh on the pages of 500px. This is a fantastic website that allows photographers of all degrees to showcase their best work, I simply want to add another dimension to this slew of incredible photography.

So if you're a sports photographer like me, and you want to see more sports photos at the top of the ratings, then find your friends. Invite one and all.

Here are some of my favorite sports shooters on 500px! (I'll continue to add and update this list as I find more sports shooters).






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Massimo Ettorre  about 2 years ago
Well said. I am an amateur photographer and I find the dynamism and vitality of a sporting gesture very attractive. I will give my personal contribution to 500px following sports photographers and publishing stories and set with my next experience.


Jack Prior  over 3 years ago
I enjoy using 500px for sports shots. I've developed a much more critical eye for which of my shots to consider "keepers. I learn a lot from the sports shots I see here, particularly when exposure details are not stripped from the photo.


Dan MacDonald  over 3 years ago
I haven't been posting a lot of images, and when I do they're mostly hockey, but here goes if anyone is interested: http://500px.com/DanMacDonald
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Ivan Boden  over 3 years ago
I'm glad you spoke up. I completely agree and I think there are other genres that are not well represented here either. I'd like to see more theater and performance shots.
Craig Bolen  over 3 years ago
Guess I should start uploading my sports shots. I didn't use this site much since I didn't see much sports work and that's the bulk of what I shoot.
Erin Babnik  over 3 years ago
I personally love seeing a great sports photo and hope that you manage to attract more of them to 500px with this blog post. I just want to point out why sports photographers should not be discouraged by the relatively weak response they get here. Aside from the Editor's Choice section on 500px, this is a venue for all that is "popular" worldwide, so content is a major factor in what gets appreciation and what doesn't. Many people have had memorable personal experiences that involved sunsets, kittens, or naked women. But polo or motocross events? Not so much. Those are niche experiences, which is unfortunate for sports photographers. So, naturally, people who have no particular personal connection with whatever sport you specialize in will be more likely to respond to your photos if they can relate to them for other reasons. It's unfortunate, but it's true for all content that isn't universally relatable.

I'll certainly do what I can to encourage sports photographers I meet to consider sharing their work here.

Keri Beal  over 3 years ago
Cheers Jamey,
I love shooting sports, particularly mortorsports and horses, and apart from your photos i've struggled to find more photographers to follow/learn from so fingers crossed this will attract more and more :-)

You won't be seeing too many of mine on here anytime soon but as soon as i'm happy with some they will most certainly make an appearance.

Phil Armishaw  over 3 years ago
It is very discouraging to post a sports photo and get get zero votes or comments. I gave up and only posted wildlife a while back.

I will add more sports stuff soon

Stephen Lawson  over 3 years ago
I only have a handful of sports shots, but I'd like to do more. I follow Douglas Burnham -- great sports portraits.
Mike Goodwin  over 3 years ago
I haven't posted much because it seems that not many people want to look at my motorsports stuff. I think I'll blow the digital dust off a few images and put them up. Thanks for the reminder that sports shooters have something to share as well.
Noah Fallis  over 3 years ago
Absolutely agree. Not really sure how bugs, nudes, and hdr get rated so high consistently. Dont get me wrong, they are beautiful shots, but there are plenty of other styles and genres.

Guess i will stick with the editors choice for now.

Oh and hi Ian (post above this).

Ian Harding  over 3 years ago
I definitely agree. I'm proud of my sports photography, but have neglected to upload here because of that. Thanks for sharing! :)
Mike Garza  over 3 years ago
Nice post. I couldn't agree more!
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Daniel Gresham  over 3 years ago
I'll fire up some of my old lacrosse photos
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Kel Hinkle  over 3 years ago
Thank you! I love shooting sports and I wish I could see more of it. Well said.
RiverCat Photography  over 3 years ago
This is why I spend little time with 500px. I love to see all types of photo work but there is such a lack of sports stuff. Most sports work on the site just gets overlooked because it doesn't fit an artistic style.
Bob Shank  over 3 years ago
I definitely agree with you! I posted sports photos on 500px but they don't get any attention. We need more sports photographers to band together. http://500px.com/bobshankphotography
Michelle Hedstrom  over 3 years ago
I've got some motocross and mountain biking at http://500px.com/mhedstrom, but haven't been posting lately, I'll post more.
Tony Pringle  over 3 years ago
I've got a few here http://500px.com/tony8911
more to follow :)
Ron Hendriks  over 3 years ago
I will start adding more pictures, since I almost gave up on it.