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jamil ghanayem

jamil ghanayem



i'm Dr and a photographer
  • nikon D7000
  • Nikon 35-70mm
  • nikon 18-55
  • Nikkor 1.8D 50 mm
  • Sigma 70-300 mm
  • Tamron 90mm Macro f2.8
  • Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
  • Tripod

But They Happy

Published April 23rd, 2012

in the visit of this village in egypt near to Giza city called ( kafr alpacha ) i was there as medical volunteer to cure this people . This is was my first time saw them in real . the first impression was like they are in other planet . Everything there is bad no hospital no water good source no environment for animal even but they live and fight for the next day they happy when they sleep quietly there children had no 1% of any other children in the world in there eyes you can read and see the poor the sad the Deprivation and the Ignorance .

they have no support no one to stand with them no one give them rights or even the simple rights .

So i decide to write a story with photos from there i captured there to show the world the real of egypt .

i Hope god re compensation them by great heavens .

Dr: Jamil F Ghanayem

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Snow Girl

Published March 11th, 2012

in Fraya in lebanon snow the girls had some fun with snow , for me it was the first time i saw the snow in my life , it was great moments in my life i took some great photos there one of those was for children and girls .

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Workless Homeless

Published February 23rd, 2012

I'm Studying in egypt , actually i saw her the most and unlike of all the world of people children women and men live there whole live on streets or under trees eat from the Garbage , i saw men who they work just to collect things from Garbage . they suffering .

i saw a family who live in between two streets i saw there beds and the gas source also the site where they cooking they have 3 children with there mom and dad , they did't know anything about the life the food the technology there rights had been stoled there smile had ben destroyed . who care about them who look of them . NO ONE . there is more than 40 millions people just in egypt UNDER the line of Poverty and there is other 20 millions who have a money just for one day and go morning to search for the money , i saw the all kinds of Poverty all kinds of Deprivation . So thats was one of Hundreds reasons make the revolutions rise against the Corrupt Government .

now after revolution nothing very worthing to say had ben chan ...

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