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Jan-Peter Semmel

Jan-Peter Semmel



…hallo fellow-creators… ...since I was a little boy I always had the tendency to express myself with drawings. I never attended though any art school. I learned by myself, observing and trying to copy others that I liked...(how did they do that?) first more serious attempts to express myself where still before the computer digital era. I used then traditional old fashioned pencils, chalks and brushes also airbrushes with oils, gouaches and watercolors and inks onto all kind of different supports. I even started as a professional illustrator for publicity agencies and for the market of books and… interest of themes though was all ways a somehow "spiritual" one...since I can recall I felt an urge of knowledge. I wanted to know, what this is all about, who am I and who are we all... I indulged in the quest for the answer. My search led me first through the sea of books into the harbors of the different religions, mystic brotherhoods and spiritual schools... I sat at the feet of gurus and masters and listened...but I also went through the experimentation with a lot of different drugs and had experiences of so called altered states of consciousness...and then what?....I couldn’t find what I was looking for...I was not in peace...I began to pray.... ...and slowly I began to understand, that the answer I was looking for was hidden somehow in all the different forms and ways, but it was not the exclusive possession of none. But most of all I recognized, that if I really wanted to find peace within myself, I had to stop looking for it (outside)...and just doing it...being it...practically applying the tools I already know. ...that stands also for my´s the doing and applying of the tools I know... ...I am sorry that for some of my older creations I can´t find and mention all the original sources of pictures I used back then to compose and manipulate them in Photoshop. I´m not able to retrace them. I just googled and downloaded them over the years into my own private picture archive....and then started learning and practicing with the help of the Photoshop tools to compose, paint and manipulate them in many different ways that I can´t remember either. ...I was fascinated by the unlimited possibilities to be creative, using often many different original sources and compose them all together into something completely new. It starts with an idea about a theme I would like to express in a picture...normally I make some little sketches by pen to pin down the essentials of the idea and to compose them graphically in perspective...then I begin bringing in the material I have to my disposal out of my private picture download collection. I would like to share some of those older compositions out of my practice period ( actually the practice period never ends), but I might be confronted with the "problem" of copyright ownership of some of the sources I used. Most of the pictures or parts and little details of them are so much transformed, over painted and manipulated that it is almost impossible to detect the original source at all; others though might still be recognizable for the knowing eye. If that is the case and anybody has an objection, I am very sorry! Really! ...please let me know! I will immediately add the link of the source or if necessary take the image off my sight. ...till now I didn´t share my work with all the world of Internet and so I could privately do whatever I liked, but now I want to spread out... reach as many as possible...and also get feedback and help from all of you " out there "... ...only recently I started to build my own Website: ….Except my little knowledge of some of the Photoshop tools I am not very versatile in the computer and Internet world and business. Now I am also interested in form part of some of the Art-platforms,-communities and their respective groups. ( A considerable time-consuming intent to spread out and expand... ) I never really got warm with the facebook-community, as I am not very much of a writer.... I started more with Pinterest...then 500px and deviantART ... at the moment it´s all new for me and I feel a little lost... ...I also I bought a digital camera and started building my own archive of pictures ( another fascinating world of unlimited possibilities to be creative opens up) ...from now on I will use mostly my own photos and carefully mention in all my future digital compositions all the links of sources I used. sincere love and respect to you all... Jan-Peter Semmel, or janfufu

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