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Jan Ramon  Fischer

Jan Ramon Fischer



I started photographie with 7 years, now I am 24. I don't study it, I dont make an education, and maybe my english is not very well, but I love what I do. :) Photographie is more than a simple hobbie for me, its my pasion to realize and catch ideas and moments in pictures. Some moments are so beautiful or short, that a photo can capture them. Nothing can replace creative ideas and pashion, thats my opinion and my motto. And nothing is better than a smile in the face if you look at pictures. Thats why i love photografie. And I am not a creative traing, so sometimes you will see some weeks ago no new pictures :) And who search for the perfect picture dont understand arts. Not the technology is the key, it's you. Visit me: www.facebook.com/JarafiPictures/ Jan
  • Nikon D5100
  • Nikon D40
  • Nikkor 18-55mm
  • Nikkor 15-105mm
  • Nikkor 40mm Macro
  • Nikkor 55-200mm

A friendship

Published February 6th, 2013

Sometimes, when everything in live goes wrong. All is grey and cold, also your own mirror image. You walking in a cold and rainy world there is a person who take your hand and help to get get up. Than the mirror will be colorful and the clouds far away and you rise up like the morning sun. This person ignites up your fire and your view will be golden.

Thats not normaly that you have such a person, but I was lucky enough to meet this person.

The guy on the pictures am I, and the person who takes my hand, is the best friend that I may have.

So pictures say more than only my words. Thanks =)

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