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Jason Hatfield

My primary focus is on landscape images of the West.

My Art:
I travel far and wide around the west to find scenes that speak to my artistic vision. To capture this I use light and digital cameras to record unique moments of time in nature. After creating an image I use photographic software to edit an image and bring out the rest of my vision for that scene. I stay true to the scene and my art with the ultimate goal of creating what I saw in my mind's eye. After editing I transfer a photograph to fine art paper and prepare the piece for display. I use many forms of display including matting, metal, wood and acrylic glass. Each display is chosen for it's ability to bring an image to life and immerse the viewer.

Born in 1984 in Grand Rapids, Ohio I developed a love for the mountains through my family's many travels to the west. In 2003 I got my first taste of mountain living in Prescott, Arizona during college. After a couple of years back in Ohio I moved to Colorado to pursue my art and adventure in the mountains.

I now live in the "Gateway to the Rockies" frequently traveling to iconic western locations or exploring less traveled areas. I have traveled to every mountain state west of the Mississippi as well as the Canadian Rockies in development of my portfolio.
While always interested in photography as a child it was never an active endeavor until a photography class in high school. Through this class I was taught the nuances of B&W film photography while learning to read light and develop my photographic eye. Every image was carefully thought out and developed from click to print.

My experiences with film photography and development were something I brought with me when I switched to digital in 2006. Soon after making the digital transition I became a full time portrait photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio learning a completely different side to the art. From there I also branched out into wedding, event, architectural and even bird photography. I explored all these avenues but the draw to landscape photography was always there and the strongest.

Towards the end of 2008 the draw of the mountains brought my wife and I to Colorado, leaving jobs and family to explore more of the “Great West”. We settled in Denver as an ideal location to develop roots and further our wanderings. Since that time I’ve been using all my photographic experiences to hone my art and develop my vision.

I’ve studied the work of many influential contemporary and historic photographers such as Alain Briot, Marc Adamus, John Fielder and Ansel Adams. Ansel Adams influenced my early B&W work and his image from Snake River Overlook inspired my own that was featured in Backpacker Magazine. Marc Adamus and Alain Briot’s art developed my ability and direction in color while John Fielder’s work fueled my exploration of Colorado and a thirst to see all its wonders. My interest in wildlife photography has more recently been rekindled and become another subject of study.

In the process of my artistic development my work has gained recognition in numerous photographic competitions and galleries. I’ve most recently had my work on display in the Lone Tree Arts Center, Littleton Museum and the Louisville Center for the Arts. During this time I have shared my knowledge with others through personal and group instruction as well as workshops. I also recently published a book based on my explorations of Colorado during my favorite season titled “Colorado's Fall Colors - A Photographer's Guide”.

My vision is to share the beauty of nature through my art. I want to reveal all that is breathtaking and beautiful, astonishing and different. Whether it's a place often visited or not at all, I want others to see the world as I have, to motivate them to see it for themselves and protect our wilderness. When I view one of my photographs I can immerse myself in the experience, even if just for a while.

All the equipment I choose whether it’s cameras, software, printers, etc. is to accomplish this goal. While the quality of my art is now far beyond when I started I am always striving towards perfection; for while perfection may not be attainable, it is a lofty goal that drives the creation of true art. The ambition of my fine art photography is to create work that fulfills that vision. The camera is only one step in this process and the image it outputs is like a blank canvas with a full set of paints. It gives me the tools to not only show others what I saw that day but bring the scene to its full glory.

My Gear:
While gear is not what makes a photographer, I know some are always curious and therefore I'll share what I use with you; just remember, the best camera is the one you have with you.

I shoot primarily with a Sony a900 full frame digital camera and Zeiss and Sony G lenses. Some of my images were also created with a Nikon D200, D300s or Sony a55. I edit my images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, some images are blends but most are single shots. I use this software to develop my vision and find it to be an essential step in my art. I carry my gear around in an F-Stop camera pack, the best I've found on the market.

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