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Asleep While Commuting in NYC

Published February 16th, 2013

I've always been enthralled with the human condition. The daily grind is something that most of our population is not only accustomed to, but has adapted to as a species.

It speaks to me on many levels when I see people whom in a situation where, technically they should be on their guard, surrounded by so many potential invasions,...have their guards dropped oftentimes involuntarily, to make way for the powerfully seductive lull of sleep.

It is in this state that I see my fellow human beings in such a state of tranquility, and innocence, that is so very often gone from view in waking hours. Thrust into sleeps grip, they are left nearly cherub like in their harsh ease, as peaceful as a newborn.

It is just another way, one of the many available to you when you stop to look for them... another way to see how we are all so very much the same, and how we can manage to maintain our childhood innocence, regardless of intending to or not.

A dear friend of mine Kalebra as ...

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