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Jason McKelley

Of all the things I find myself to be writing about and all the ways to say things I still do not believe that there is ever a perfect way to start off. Purely optional in the beginning and mandatory for an ending. Careful to not over do it yet less than subtle at times. Words. They mean so much to so many people. Communication...People find ways to do it on all levels. Without sight, without sound, through vibration through clicking and through the eyes and face, hands and body. Words....Hard to find the perfect ones when you need them. Words....Creating the perfect assault often blended with conversations in ourself directed to ourselves with twenty-twenty vision. It is often said that it is not what you say but how you say it. Words create the surroundings that we live in. Even if you are born deaf, surely you can still hear the love and anger and everything stuffed between those two things. To find the perfect way to start a description is more than just relation in how we feel, it is deeper than gestures and more vibrant than any picture. Without words we are...Pictures.
I am most interested in capturing the moment between the peak of the jump and the moment two seconds after the landing. Cameras are truly amazing. They capture one split second in time and leave it to be viewed for the rest of history.
I've been taking pictures for a very long time but never have I held a camera so much since 2008. I do not leave home without it. I have so many images saved that I loose track of them in my computer. I am a firm believer of the point and shoot as well as bulb exposures.
I feel very inferior and humbled to be on a site like this. After even spending just several minutes looking around I could not believe some of the photos on here. There are so many gifted photographers and so many original styles here. I cannot wait to start learning more about this great art and constant ever changing craft.
------------about me:
I love to see that more honey and agave is being used and that less Americans are eating High Fructose Corn-syrup.
I like over-priced rims on ridiculous cars and trucks.
Good pin-stripping makes me happy.
Well placed curves on anything. Corners can be nice but they are sharp.
At some point in my life I will give up everything and only focus on photography and attempt to create a living from it.
I enjoy some of the darker sides of things because I feel that it is the one thing that humans are still afraid of. We have become to desensitized to everything and so impatient and self involved that we've forgotten how to relax.
Inappropriate jokes still make me laugh.
I pass on whatever change I have in my pockets to the bums and addicts on the street but I am no bleeding heart.
The two party system is shit and is slowly becoming a point of mockery on an almost redundant level.
You can buy my photos or we can trade photos or work.
The world needs more art, even bad art....Especially bad art because of all the good art out there, the contrast creates levels.
I've never really been awesome at these "about yourself" things. This could be one of the reasons why I like my world behind the camera.
I point and I shoot. I sometimes over edit and I sometimes don't do anything at all.
Viva La Camera!

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