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Train Windows

Published November 3rd, 2011

At the 500px photowalk after the Photoplus Expo last week, a few of us started discussing lens hoods. While most agreed that they don't make a ton of difference in blocking lens flare, the general consensus was that they're a wise accessory to use to protect your lens, particularly for those of us walking the crowded streets of NYC, or any urban area where you're likely to bump shoulders and elbows with the masses.

One of the photographers on the walk, Karen, noted that she uses a rubber/collapsable lens hood, because it allows her to take better images from the commuter train, Metro North, that she (and I ) ride every day. By pressing the hood flush against the glass, you can effectively eliminate reflections from the interior of the train.

I gave it a shot...actually a few shots...on this evening's commute home. Although I used a solid plastic hood, reflections were entirely eliminated. I still need to play with my shutter speed and ISO, though, as the fading light over Harlem and the South Bronx required a slower shutter than I needed to capture crisp detail in the myraid urban decay and graffiti present along the tracks.

Once I get some shots worth sharing, I'll post them here. I'd love to hear your tips about shooting from moving vehicles, particularly when forced to shoot from behind glass (i.e. on a commercial airliner or train).

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