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Jaydon Cabe

My Paintings:

Besides the odd finger painting in preschool, helping to paint a few houses and maybe the odd spray painting attack on a few unsuspecting walls, I have rarely picked up a paint brush.

My interest in visual art was first inspired by his good friend Michael Wendt who has since become a successful designer and artist utilising most mediums.

My interests were then refueled by a flat-mate who brought home some canvas and paints on a sunny Queensland weekend in early 2006.

Determined to find a style of my own, I asked many questions, annoyed many people, spent hours looking at other artists work wondering ‘HOW’ that did that. I even did some research on ‘products and tools of the trade’ to develop my own style, mainly acrylic on canvas using gels and pastes for texture.

"Every time I pick up a paint brush I’m still learning. I imagine that to happen forever and ever."

Although I has developed a unique style, I am determined to “Style outside the Box” and create paintings to suit everyone who has an eye for art. He finds colour and size inspires him most.

"Colour definitely inspires me. When I see colours I love, I want to use them immediately. Texture inspires me too, but definitely not as much as a rich vibrant colour. The size of the canvas is important. 1.8 meters x 1.2 meters is a canvas size I have become attached to. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s obvious. There’s so much space, and when it’s completed, it looks amazing. Smaller canvases are ok, but the impact of the larger canvases really hits you in the face."

"When I paint, I’m totally engaged. The house could be burning down around me and I wouldn’t notice. Pending on my mood, and what I am creating, I may listen to the radio, or a CD, but I tend not to listen after a while, I tune out to the music, and into the painting. I often prefer to listen to the wild birds that visit my verandah. Painting is an escape. It’s totally relaxing, I’m sure it even slows my heartbeat. I can spend hours and hours painting before I realise how long I’ve actually been painting for. It’s a great way to end a busy working day"

I welcome the challenge of Consignment.

"I love consignment work. It’s great to see where a painting will be placed in someone’s home or office. Often, the colours and things around it will influence what goes into it. The painting becomes more personal for me and the client, and more of a challenge for me. I’m always left wondering, what if they hate it, but in the end, the client always loves it."

My Photography:

I developed an interest in Photography while playing with a friends Digital SLR camera. I didn’t want to give it back… So I bought it off them…and since then has never looked back.

While most people shoot the same thing day in and day out, I am determined to shoot a wide variety of subjects, from things the size of an ant with his macro lens, to things as big as a skyscraper… Action Sports shots to model portfolio’s and from cityscapes to waterscapes.. There’s no limit to what I will try to shoot.

"When I see something that’s really cool to shoot, I jump out and say….Hey can I please take a photo of that?.... Unless of course no one is there to ask and I just take a photo of it anyway… Most people are pretty good and excited that someone is taking a photo of their car, their dog or what ever it might be….. I’ve only had one person say "NO"

I am available to shoot sporting events, Model Portfolio’, commercial photography, website galleries, stock images, social event and just about anything you need me to shoot.

I don't photograph weddings....

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