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Jordan Dooley

Jordan Dooley



Hi! My names Jordan Dooley, and photography is one of my biggest hobbies. I love to go out and take pictures of things I see, edit them up and put a little personal touch on them. I believe that life is beautiful and should come naturally; so I'm a huge believer in capturing the beautiful moments of life as they happen. Using natural lighting, careful timing and as musch patience as I can, I try not to set up pictures and fake a story, but rather let the world tell the unseen, sometimes forgotten and unbelievable story that lays before us. If you would like a print of any of my work, feel free to contact me and we can figure out shipping or some kind of deal. I've done Portraits, Wedding Photos, Action Shots, Events, and Personal Shoots for people, numerous times and if you would like to contact me regarding taking some for you, feel free! I will absolutely do that for you.

A little more about me

Published December 16th, 2012

Im just a kid, 18 years old, who really enjoy photography. Its a way of expression and a way to show people that they sometimes miss life's true beauty.I don't have a professional camera, I want to get a d7000, but I'm trying to do what I can with what I have as a student who does this as a hobby. Please let me know if you like my stuff and what you think I can do to improve :)

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