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Jay Grande

Jay Grande



A little bit about myself. I took art, art history and photography all through high school and learned photography on an old Pentax P3 SLR. I graduated High School in 1990. After a few years of artistic neglect I finally got a digital Point and Shoot camera around 2001 and began shooting a lot of photos. I'm partial to Sony products so recently I bought a SONY NEX-5 with 18-55 lens and a 16mm 2.8. It offers all the control without the size of a traditional "DSLR". It's perfect for me to travel back and forth to Italy or New York or just to tote around town. I didn't want to be weighed down with a huge camera and accessories and it makes it easier to take Street shots. Less intimidating! I've always loved "Street" photography and simply love capturing the art that is around us every moment of the day...if only we would stop to see it. I appreciate all the comments and tips from photographers with much more talent than myself.
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