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Published December 11th, 2011

Every morning the same dilemma.

With or without you? A quickie or should I take the time for it?

Healthy or coffee and cigarettes? The most important meal of the day and everytime I'm flabbergasted that I'm treating you so bad and cheap.

Although I have everything in my fridge to make something out of it, it's an ordeal for me

to prepare you.

Most of the time I surrender to the coffee machine and my packet of Camel filters.

And at work I regret for not having you until my stomach starts to rattle. Brunch, lunch...MY HEROES!

But...I've made a picture of you. In that way I know what I miss when the day begins.

Nutricious, healthy and withoutall that fuss. That's the way I like you best!

Ps, you're doing well in bed too!



  • November 5th, 2011
  • Canon digital IXUS 70
  • 5.8mm / f/2.8 / 1/20 sec

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