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A quick morning at Dbah

Published May 6th, 2012

After getting up to a very frigid morning, forcing myself into the cold car and into the dark, I was hoping for some great waves at my local surf spot, Duranbah Beach, or just "Dbah" as it is know.

I came to find the waves had a bit of morning sickness so I started to play around with shooting in the bright sunrise. See "The Fisherman".

After a while of chatting to a few friends and getting the fingers and eyes dialled in for when the waves started to improve, it looked like there was hope to shoot something soon. Unfortunately there was not an ubundance of talent out in the water as there usually is but just enough to get a few shots.

I haven't shot any surf for quite a while so it was great to get back into it.

I am about to venture out now to see if I can get some better shots as the waves are even better today!


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