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Francis Jay Orbizo

Francis Jay Orbizo



It all started year 2007 with a simple digital camera and my eagerness to experiment what is 'hidden' beyond the "AUTO" setting. After all,if you don't know what your camera will do, then how can you do it? Moving on to the big guys - the DSLR's - thats where I got completely 'into it'. I don't consider myself as a professional photographer, and I probably never will. Its more of an enthusiasm for me, as I learn more after every shutter sound. The idea of capturing and preserving the brightest of smiles to the most insignificant details of every day life is what inspires my work. You may spot me roaming the city streets of Athens, from the main highways to the darkest pathways holding either a DSLR or even a vintage film camera, and once you do, don't forget to smile!
  • fujifilm xpro1
  • fuji x100
  • sony as100v
  • fujinon18 55mm f2.8 4.0
  • fujinon 35mm f1.4
  • fujinon 56mm f1.2
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