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Joe Azure

Joe Azure



A native Alaskan from Sitka, I currently call San Francisco home. Sitka is a small and thriving oceanside town, surrounded by the Tongass National Forest. In contrast, San Francisco is a thriving city, surrounded by the the Pacific Ocean and San Francisco bay. Living in such beautiful and culturally rich places, I have developed an appreciation of nature that I like to share through photography. Print Sales and Licensing available on my website

First Month Impressions - Follow Up

Published June 25th, 2011

Thanks for the comments on my post :) I find that I am using the "portfolio" more as well. I am guessing that the overall site performance issues under such heavy load is probably the culprit for the sporadic "empty image" problems. It has gotten better this week for sure.

I should add a few more items to the list:

- The site looks looks fabulous, and it is very easy to navigate. Flickr is downright ugly in comparison.

- I access my portfolio on my iPad. Works well, and looks great.

- I like that features are being added to the site on a fairly regular and quick schedule.

- I also use PhotoShelter. I am in the process of sending print jobs to their vendors to test the different papers, service, color matching etc. This is pretty time-consuming and is not free. I m not sure if I should do the same for 500px's vendor as well. Either way, I think that I will only want to have any particular products available at one site (i.e. Cards and calendars at 500px, fine prints at pho ...

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First Month Impressions

Published June 24th, 2011

- I Still post to Flickr.

- I find that I miss the "Groups" concept from Flickr.

- As upload traffic has ramped up, it seems that if you don't get a recommendation, or have a ton of followers, it is easy for your work to be pushed to the "nether pages" very quickly.

- The quality of the images is very high here. I like that. Although as people keep posting, the backlog of the "best" stuff gets used up. The "Fresh" page is no longer as intimidating :)

- In the browsers I use (Safari, FF) the images (and thumbnails) load pretty slowly in the Portfolio views I have tried. Sometimes they don't load at all. Makes me reluctant to send out links to the portfolio view.

- The "selling" feature of the site, while easy to set up, seems to not be that effective for showcasing what is for sale - because "everything" is for sale. Is anybody buying anything from 500px?

- I would like to see more "community-oriented" features. It really seems like there is room for more innovation in thi ...

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On Location - Cahore Pt., Ireland

Published June 3rd, 2011

Well here I am in Cahore, Ireland. A small point on the SE corner of the country (County Wexford). I woke up this morning and went for a little walk with my camera as the sun was coming up over the English Channel. A fairly uneventful sunrise but I got to explore around this small breakwater/pier down on the waterfront below the house.

Something I love about photography:

Exploring and trying to "get in tune" with any location where you are shooting. Just walking around and trying to envision different compositions in various lighting conditions, is a wonderful way to experience someplace new.

Good Times!

(if I could find my phone, I would upload a picture)

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First Impressions - A Single Site?

Published May 20th, 2011

Well, it has been about 24 hours since I signed-up here on 500px (for the free account). Like many many photographers online today, I have been using as my primary vehicle for publishing photographs to the world at large. As I have gotten more serious about my photography, I have also been researching methods and tools for creating an online presence and portfolio. The purpose of "said" portfolio would be to showcase and sell (prints and online licensing) of some of my best (or favorite, or commercially viable, or...) images.

24 hours ago, I was settling into using the following sites (and the main reasons for each): -

- Showing photos to a "community" of like-minded photographers

- Following other peoples work for inspiration and learning (this is a big one)

- Receiving feedback on my images

- Possible licensing through Getty (exposure) -

- For periodic bl ...

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