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First Month Impressions

Published June 24th, 2011

- I Still post to Flickr.

- I find that I miss the "Groups" concept from Flickr.

- As upload traffic has ramped up, it seems that if you don't get a recommendation, or have a ton of followers, it is easy for your work to be pushed to the "nether pages" very quickly.

- The quality of the images is very high here. I like that. Although as people keep posting, the backlog of the "best" stuff gets used up. The "Fresh" page is no longer as intimidating :)

- In the browsers I use (Safari, FF) the images (and thumbnails) load pretty slowly in the Portfolio views I have tried. Sometimes they don't load at all. Makes me reluctant to send out links to the portfolio view.

- The "selling" feature of the site, while easy to set up, seems to not be that effective for showcasing what is for sale - because "everything" is for sale. Is anybody buying anything from 500px?

- I would like to see more "community-oriented" features. It really seems like there is room for more innovation in this area, instead of just posting to twitter etc. Everyone does that.

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Andrew Graeme Gould (inactive)  almost 7 years ago

Hi there, Joe. I too am still posting to Flickr, and it will continue to be my "visual notebook" and the place from where I link my photos to my Blogger blog. I am also very impressed with 500px for the quality of images and, I must say, that it was the portfolio feature that clinched the deal for me, as that's what I particularly need as a complement to the blog that I use as a home page.

There are certainly still issues with 500px, such as slow loading pages, and problems with the uploader not working on and off lately. Lets hope that they can get it together. It seems they're trying to. The selling I haven't looked into yet, though.

All the best...

Arman Forouzannia  almost 7 years ago

Interesting comments Joe. I too am impressed with the quality of photo's but you are probably right, the backlog of best stuff is maybe thinning a little more. None the less great work in general.