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First Month Impressions - Follow Up

Published June 25th, 2011

Thanks for the comments on my post :) I find that I am using the "portfolio" more as well. I am guessing that the overall site performance issues under such heavy load is probably the culprit for the sporadic "empty image" problems. It has gotten better this week for sure.

I should add a few more items to the list:

- The site looks looks fabulous, and it is very easy to navigate. Flickr is downright ugly in comparison.

- I access my portfolio on my iPad. Works well, and looks great.

- I like that features are being added to the site on a fairly regular and quick schedule.

- I also use PhotoShelter. I am in the process of sending print jobs to their vendors to test the different papers, service, color matching etc. This is pretty time-consuming and is not free. I m not sure if I should do the same for 500px's vendor as well. Either way, I think that I will only want to have any particular products available at one site (i.e. Cards and calendars at 500px, fine prints at photoshelter).

I have not really seen any discussion or comments related to the printed products available here @500px. Perhaps people can point me in this direction :)

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