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Jeff Chandler

I spent many years training fleas for a circus but every winter I would send them off to travel around the world in a road show and got jealous of their adventures on the postcards they would send so I had to stop. It was just to painful so I took up photography!

A little about me---

I have been seriously into photography for about 10 years now, my journey down the rabbit hole started when I started breeding my reptiles and realized in order to sell the babies online I had to be able to take clear accurate photos. I experimented with different techniques to achieve the best results which then lead me to learn lighting, nothing crazy just lighting up a light box for a point and shoot camera (pre fancy light box kits readily available on ebay). I think what hooked me was playing in my new digital darkroom with all the badass editing software, I don't remember the version of photoshop I started with but it feels like there has been at least 7 upgrades for me since then. I was addicted to digital from that point on.

This lead me further down the rabbit hole with one upgrade, to another, to another to another and here I am today still studying behind the lens of my camera and computer screen with the most current editing software. I read a ton on the subject in books and online, watch hundreds of videos about photography, listen to countless hours of podcasts while driving around at work, soaking up as much as I can like a sponge. Striving for that bar my mind has set, to be that creative perfectionist.

The road to here-- From reptiles I dove head first into nature, wild nature, animals, bugs, everything but birds. I wanted to do birds but I learned early on that is gear nightmare, one I couldn't afford to get into so I bypassed it with a few shots here and there when I got lucky. I really enjoy macro photography, seeing things centimeters at a time and no fancy trips or dangerous places to do it.

Then I went into different architecture, just seeing what I liked and didn't. I really latched onto urban decay and urban exploring and still have a passion to document it as it changes from trip to trip.

I started over the past year to really get into working with people covering everything from standard portraits, specialized portraits. location shooting, boudoir, fetish shoots and fine art nudes. (A large majority of the ladder work is for private clients, I will not show their work at all so you have to base your opinion of my work on what is available in my galleries online because I value a persons privacy and you should also) I've spent that time learning the ins and outs of photographing, lighting and editing people. I actually thought I would hate it because people tend to be unpredictable but my progression through the different genres of photography has made it feel completely natural to me. I am enjoying all the aspects of making an image with people and will continue to do it as long as I feel I am able to.

Today-- This path has lead me to my style that I feel sets my work apart from the hundreds of other people that emulate each other. No that isn't being smug or an elitist I just don't follow the beat of someone else's drum and prefer to make my own music through my art. I am a moody artist but I am honest about it :)

Email me with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc at

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