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My first impressions of 500 px

Published May 23rd, 2011

Having spent a lot of time at community photo sites, I feel confident that I can say that this site has the potential to be a game changer in the photo world.

The interface is terrific, the photography community here is full of really talented shooters, and the whole thing feels fresh and fun.

If you've come over here because I sent you a note - welcome. Since the "search" mechanism doesn't yet let you search by name, I'd appreciate it if you'd send me a quick note via email with a link to your 500px page so I can follow you on this terrific site.

My email address is

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Douglass Moody  over 6 years ago

Hey! I finally found you. I am here at Please critique my "Macro DOF" Blog.


Tyson Randall  almost 7 years ago

The first thing that my wife and I noticed when we started using 500px was the incredible quality of the photography, and the concentration of very talented photographers, much like most community photo sites start out. Unfortunately, after only a short time, it seems that the super quality photos are becoming more of a needle in a haystack and people are beginning to use the site as a social networking tool and cluttering pages with every single shot they take, rather than uploading their very best (unfortunately, I'm guilty of this too, but I guess the pride of a new shot overwhelms pure judgement, and once that pride wears off and I realize my shot really isn't that great, I delete it). I appreciate very much the options provided to browse only upcoming, editor's picks, and popular photos. That's a great option that I think really makes the site stand out among the rest.
Also, being an amateur photographer, I enjoy being able to find great photography rather easily. Not only does it help give me ideas of how I can improve my own shots, but it also inspires me to get my camera out of my case and get out into the world and capture the awe inspiring moments that happen all around us and, all too often, go unnoticed.

John Scratchley (inactive)  almost 7 years ago

Hi Jeff, I must agree with you. I have been on Flickr for years and admit that it's great for some things like family pics of the kids and routine photos. 500px offers much more for serious photographers, both amateur and professional alike. The free portfolio is a great way to show your stuff and frankly, I haven't had any problems downloading and such. I think it's a go and only hope that the site doesn't become to cluttered down the road.

Dan Clarke  almost 7 years ago

You're quite right about the interface, and the community!

It's different to say Flickr because it has the whole "Web 2.0" look, and little subtle things that make it that much aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The part you said about the community, it is very odd.. Usually like on stock sites, you have to submit your best, and just hope that you get in. Here, anyone can join, yet how the site is built; the system that shows you the best photos, and upcoming photos is amazing, it really means that you can connect with photographers, and really helps you get to know who took it, and information about the photo in question.

Also the fact that it allows you to create a portfolio; and blog posts just make it so much better than Flickr.

The one downside I can see is a sudden influx of people joining, will we have ads etc?

There are also a couple of design issues which as a web designer I have spotted; which would help if they were ironed out...

At the end of the day; as you've blogged, it is "terrific", no other word at the moment can describe it, and how it makes me ..well 'want' to post pictures, and comment on others.

Sorry for spamming your blog post btw ;)