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Jeff Smallwood

Jeff Smallwood



I've had an interest in photography since middle school. I started with a Polaroid Big Swinger 3000 Land Camera that my Mom bought me and it progressed from there. From the Canon AE-1 to the digital DLSRs, I've slowly picked up equipment over the years, although I still wish I could get a lot more. Photography is something fun to challenge myself with and I use it as a personal creative outlet. I have a background in science (biology, physics and astronomy) and an interest in philosophy, although I'm not working as a scientist now. Most of the time I'm either with my family, have a camera in my hands, or both :)
  • Canon 50D
  • Canon XSi
  • My camera pack is too heavy.
  • More of the typical gear...stuff that won't fit in my camera pack. I also use a homemade softbox

Lytro Light Field Camera - Don't Hold Your Breath

Published July 7th, 2011

I blogged about it here. My take? The technology is certainly cool but it isn't going to be any kind of photographic revolution


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