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Gara De Nord - Sewer Kids

Published May 10th, 2012

There were kids as young a 8 years old and there are hundreds of them throughout the city of Bucharest.

They live in the sewers during the day and come out at night. The sewers stay over 100 degrees year round because the pipes carry water that is over boiling temperatures. So, they stay warm in the winter. Many die though because the pipes burst and the water burns them to death.

They sniff glue in the black bags you see in the photos and they shoot up a substance similar to plant fertilizer. The kids were constantly huffing and shooting up. I was so overwhelmed, I had to stop taking pictures.

Gara De Nord Station

The sewer kids live in the sewer just outside the train station.

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Holding Life and Death

The kid holds two bags in his hands. In one, some food that we prepared before we went out. The other (the black bag), glue that they sniff. He's 8 years old.

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Choosing Death

Immediately after eating the food that we gave him, he went right back to sniffing the glue.

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No One Cares

These kids continue to do this in open public and nobody cares. The police do nothing to stop it. Truly heartbreaking.

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This shot sums up the entire night. One big blur, in more ways than one. It was surreal to be surrounded by such destruction in so many young lives.

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This is the substance they were shooting up. It is the equivalent of plant fertilizer.

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A wasted life. Nothing breaks my heart more than a child who never got a chance to live.

This is a 10 year old girl who lives in the sewers of Bucharest. There are hundreds of these kids in the city. They sleep in the sewers during the day and then sniff glue and shoot up at night. Most are orphans and runaways.

Home Sweet Home

This is where they live, down in the sewers of Bucharest.

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Giuseppe Grimaldi  about 6 years ago

Great documentary of a story I unfortunately happen to know already , thanks for sharing and letting others know !

George Perez  about 6 years ago

Wow this is horrible! Thanks for sharing. I would have never known about something like this happening in our world. Why is this so acceptable and prevalent in children? That's the worse seeing children completely destroy their chances of really living. I don't understand what could have possibly happened for these children to be away from their parents and family.

Joan Vega  about 6 years ago

Strong. No words. Thanks for sharing this reality

Bill O'Brien  about 6 years ago

Excellent photos and story.

michael barkley  about 6 years ago

Great work! Good story. Needs to be told and seen.

Ines Njers  about 6 years ago

strong reportage! Realy sad, but showing this dark sides of live make this social grievances visible, so it's important to reflect about it.

maud walas  about 6 years ago

Stunning work, really strong shots...

Giovanny Parra  about 6 years ago

Similar in my country! very sad reality! :(

J Tan-Torres  about 6 years ago

a story very well told Jeff. Thank you for sharing this harsh sad reality that exists in many parts of our world.

Vladimir Perfanov  about 6 years ago

Impressive! What can I say..... there are many countries with similar problems all around the world. It is realy sad but your reportage is very strong and truthful.