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Jelle Dekker

Jelle Dekker



  • Minolta 7
  • Sony A-100
  • Sony A-850
  • Minolta 50/1.8
  • Sony Zeiss 24-70/2.8
  • Sony 135STF
  • Tamron 180 macro
  • Samyang 14/2.8

Two weeks across China: Hong Kong

Published May 27th, 2012

The last leg in our Chinese adventure: Hong Kong. Or first Shenzen, after a ride in the night bus the Hong Kong border is quite hard to find...

Hong Kong also proved different than expected. Yes it is the big city with the skyline, very busy streets and tons of advertising signs. But it also has very quiet and even deserted Hakka villages in the quiet natural surroundings, just a small bus journey from the big city.

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Two weeks across China: Yanghsuo

Published April 12th, 2012

Next stop after Guilin: the ever popular Yangshuo. This town is filled with tourist shops, bars, hostels, everything to cater for the large amounts of tourists that visit. In that town itself you encounter a lot of backpackers on their way to Vietnam, and most of the town seems to be made just for the tourists. However when we got on a bike for our own tour of the countryside, it was easy to enjoy the fabulous scenery and visit the small villages where nobody seemed to know the meaning of 'tourist industry'...

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Two weeks across China: Guilin

Published March 29th, 2012

TWO AM, we just landed at the airport in Guilin. The regular bus to the city centre officially stopped several hours before. however when we exit the airport we find one bus waiting for the passengers of our flight, ready to take us into town.

Guilin is very different from beijing, the main attraction for tourists here isn’t found within the city but in the surrounding landscape shaped by karst mountains, the li river and hillside rice paddies. it’s also part of an autonomous region within china, it’s inhabitants consist for a large part not of han chinese but of different ethnic groups originating in this area.

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Two weeks across China, Beijing

Published March 15th, 2012

As soon as I leave the airport it is clear that I’m in a completely new, and different world. The sights, sounds and smells are overwhelming, I’m an alien in this place, clearly recognizable and unfamiliar around here.

That was my first experience when I landed in Beijing last February, after that I traveled through China for two weeks. First up: Beijing!

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