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Jemma Brannigan

Jemma Brannigan



Jemma has been a photographer since 1987 and almost always has a camera or 3 on her. As a freelance photojournalist, Jemma has had her work published in local media and she has a range of products featuring her photography. Jemma also does photography at weddings & events (Sporting & Functions) as well as model portfolios, landscapes, portraits, pets,family etc. Jemma has self published a couple of books, which highlight her photography. Jemma does commissioned work, as well as selling her photos individually. She had a strong background in photography, before digital was born. She loves what digital is able to offer, even though there are still shots where a manual SLR / large format camera are the best to use. Jemma was first bitten by the photography bug in high school , and after college she took her first photography course. Then she eagerly set up her own darkroom and began successfully shooting quantities of B&W and slide film, which included a series of street photography shots. It did not take long before she was being asked to take photos for people and she was soon shooting weddings, events and model portfolios. Jemma is currently studying Digital Photography, as part of her design module with Open University, in the UK. Her greatest inspiration has been Obie Oberholtzer, a South African Photographer. Here is a link to his work: Jemma LOVES photography - both shooting and admiring the work of others.
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