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JenFu Cheng

JenFu Cheng

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JenFu Cheng is an East Coast-based photographer who travels the World with the goal of capturing in photographs the essence of his passions. He learned the technical aspects of photography through a voracious appetite for books and magazines on the subject. However, being an avid climber, hiker and SCUBA diver, his inspiration has come from a close connection with his subject matter and those individuals who share in these passions. This connection facilitates immersion into the scene, something that JenFu believes is essential to capturing the spirit of one's subject. He sees photography as a means of exploring new facets of each sport as well as communicating to others his love of the outdoor world. JenFu's photography has been featured in publications including Climbing, Campbase, and Urban Climber. He also maintains a close relationship with his community and has produced work for many non-profit organizations.
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