Published August 21st, 2012

It's pretty hard to get a male nude to look cute or even lovely. We usually find pretty nice female nudes that look like paintings with the ability to make us blush but that rarely happen with the male ones.

I'm starting to work on that: male nudes.

I dunno pursue more than the natural and gentle look of the body after cuddling. Not always a sexually strong photo but the softness of the skin kissed by the light before/after having sex. The excitement.

I DON'T do Porn shots.

Last week I had an issue with two of the photos that I'm sharing with you here and received an email form 500px saying that they hid them because they were reported as pornographic.


Why people consider this as pornographic? Are you trying to tell me that a vagina is artistic nude and a penis don't? Sorry but I dunno see the logic of that. Penises have rights, too! [LOL!]

I did reply asking why the photos were considered porn and if I could put them back on my profile because they're not that. The 500px ...

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