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Jen Tse

Jen Tse



I’m Jen Tse, living in Toronto. I write, I take photos, I go on adventures, I love breakfast, and I’m doing my best to combine at least three of those things as a photojournalist. I'm also 500px's Media Director. And I like roofs.

Connect with others using the new Friend Finder

Published November 10th, 2011

Friends <3 by Sandra Schürmans

Things are often more fun with friends. Now you can find yours with the new Friend Finder feature on 500px.

To access the finder, click Settings in the top right corner of the site.

To use the finder, just click "find friends" to login and authorize a contact search on Facebook, Twitter, or Flickr. Fellow photographers on these networks who have 500px accounts will appear below each respective service, and you can choose to follow their work on 500px.

Remember, once you add someone to your friends, their photos will appear along with those of whomever else you've added under your Friends tab. It's just one more way to build your network, discover new photography, and be inspired.

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Portrait: Tony Rath

Published November 8th, 2011

Scarlet Macaws in Early Morning Light by Tony Rath

Every day we see stunning photos from our peers in the 500px community, but not often do we turn the lens back upon the photographer. The Portrait series focuses on remarkable 500px users who may have something to teach us about their field of photography. This week's feature is Tony Rath, interviewed by Matt Knight.

Tell us a little about yourself, Tony.

I am a naturalized Belizean who grew up in Minnesota with a love of flying, travel, adventure and the outdoors. Leaving home at 18, I explored the world for 14 years until I found Belize, got married, raised a family and started to take photography seriously as a business.

What do you love about your work?

The creative aspect of capturing light as my eye sees it.

Are there any parts of your work that you would change?

Sometimes I wish that I could be part of the action instead of just recording it. I am usually in another world when shooting and I can often be near impossib ...

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Join us for Pixel Hack Day

Published November 7th, 2011

Developers and designers with a passion for inspiring visuals, now's your time to shine—and possibly take home a great prize.

Join us for Pixel Hack Day in Toronto, a weekend-long contest to code and design apps based on open APIs, proudly organized by 500px in collaboration with Venture Deli. The event will be the largest photo-inspired hackathon in Canada and will take place Nov. 19-20 at ING DIRECT Cafe on Yonge Street between Dundas and Queen Streets (click for more info).

Not only do we want to celebrate the greatest talents in design, photography, programming, and product management by pitting them against each other under one roof, but we also want to encourage amazing work by rewarding the creators of the best apps. Participate in the hackathon and you will have the chance to win a 13" Macbook Air, iPhone 4S, or a Kobo Vox eReader.

Those are some pretty amazing prizes. Think you can't win one of them? Don't be silly. Besides, all participants will receive an Awesome acco ...

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500px&#39;s second birthday! + New iPad app features

Published November 3rd, 2011

21 by Laura Sch

These days, we're feeling a little older, but much wiser—500px celebrated its second birthday this past Halloween. How time flies!

The initial idea for 500px grew from a small but engaged Livejournal community started in 2003. Back then, a width of 500 pixels was the optimal viewing size for photos. There weren't many resources out there at the time for finding great photography, so the community quickly became a haven for hundreds of photographers to see quality images, be inspired, create some of their own, and meet like-minded individuals along the way.

Every day, these photographers would upload their very best shots to a small, trusted team of editors. These editors would spend hours of their own free time curating amazing photos for display, always with the highest standards in mind. The community blossomed, and its co-founders knew they had to take 500px a step further than a Livejournal community.

With time, effort, a sense of what fellow photographers want ...

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UPDATE: NYC photowalk rescheduled to tomorrow, ...

Published October 27th, 2011

Rain on 5th Avenue by Luke Bhothipiti

Greetings from our booth at PDN PhotoPlus Expo in New York City! As I write this, our team is busy answering questions about 500px to hundreds of curious photographers.

Due to inclement weather, we have a last-minute change to make to our photowalk plans—instead of holding the walk tonight, we will be meeting tomorrow, Oct. 28, 6 p.m. at the Intrepid.

We're trying to get this message out to as many attendees as possible before it's too late. Please share this update with everyone whom you know made their plans for tonight so nobody gets left behind! Thanks.

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