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J.G. Damlow

J.G. Damlow



"Surprised is the essence of life" quote from artist MC Escher I take as my own for years and with me since. My passion for photography was born some years ago very linked to the need to feed this philosophy. The capture that amazing moment shown before for our eyes and should be perennial. The search visually appealing moments awe by her beauty makes me initially focus almost exclusively on landscape photography, which is a complement to another of my passions, nature. Then I start to delve into disciplines such as urban landscape and finally in the Street Photography. The capture the magic of the everyday and find moments of balance within urban chaos is a motivation that is a challenge. Getting hard images that inspire peace in many cases is a contradiction to the stage cities are characterized by dynamism and stress of his actors. The magic of photography is knowing exactly where I am today and my motivations photo, but totally unaware where I'll be tomorrow. Because "surprised is the essence of life"
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