Jorge Coromina

Jorge Coromina



A passionate shutterbug who loves all photography subjects, especially nature and wildlife. Thanks for having me.
  • Canon EOS 700D
  • Canon 18-135mm IS STM
  • Manfrotto tripod
  • Polarizer filter
  • UV filters
  • ND8 density filter
  • Macro filters
  • ND400 Hoya filter

Discover Cuba Anew with Local Photographer

Published January 17th, 2014

Try Googling the words “Cuba travel” in your browser and then click on the “Images” tab. The results are pretty obvious: vintage cars from the 1950s, rundown buildings in the downtown area, graffiti slogans splayed on cracked walls, old ladies dressed in motley colors with huge cigars pressed between their lips, schoolchildren wearing their uniforms. There’s nothing wrong with those images. They truly paint quite an accurate picture of what Cuba is all about.

For someone like me, born and bred on the largest Caribbean island nation, those commonplace images don’t come short of mixed emotions. On the one hand, that’s really what Cuba is like; but on the other hand, it’s by no means everything the country has to show.

I humbly believe the primary beauty of every nation is no doubt its nature and scenery, and in that sense Cuba is a glittering gem. Cuba’s nature has a little bit of everything: gorgeous beaches, pristine offshore keys, mountains and valleys, untapped nature reserves, nat ...

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My Trip to Africa

Published December 14th, 2013

I always wanted to travel to Africa and that opportunity finally came my way in early November 2013. I traveled to beautiful South Africa and I had the chance to scour many parts of the country. I joined a photo safari to one of the country's many wildlife reserves, this one in the outskirts of Gauteng province. The views were stunning and even though I could only capture one of the Big Five, I'm very pleased with the trip. So pleased that I've got plans in store to come back in late February and spend a much longer time there. The land is simply mesmerizing. It's like going back to the roots of civilization. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to feast eyes on nature at its best. Hope you enjoy my pictures there. I'll keep you posted!

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