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Published May 24th, 2013

Sedona has had me in its grasp since traveling there back in 2007. Red rock landscapes, captivating trails, unique artistic community, Sedona combines the best of nature and easy living that so few of us on the East Coast get to enjoy. What I love most about Sedona is how well it's integrated into its natural surroundings. From all the planning and development of the city -- and Sedona is fairly developed -- you can immediately tell that everything was constructed around (not through) Sedona's massive geological red cliffs and mountains. As such, there's never a shortage of nature for you to enjoy even when you're in the heart of this city. Get your groceries and ponder Coffee Pot Rock in the distance.

The Holy Cross Chapel is one of my favorite spots because it's emblematic of what I love most about Sedona: a man made structure harmoniously built in and around its red rock cliff surroundings. Sedona isn't short on hiking trails either. Juniper trees, cacti and rainbows (I'm not ...

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