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Josh Lucas

My Bio

I never imagined myself as a photographer until the spring of 2010. I went on a tour with my high school choir and someone lent me their small Nikon DSLR to photograph the trip. I shot over 400 photos in the three day trip, and I was hooked. I discovered that I was able to move people with my photographs, my natural eye, and creativity. The minute I let go of that camera, I was committed to buying my own.

After talking to a couple professional photographers, I learned that it was not only the camera that made a beautiful photograph, but I soon knew what photography really was for myself. In my eyes, it was the invisible meaning in a photo, the words that a picture could represent to another, and the story that stood behind it. Never in my life had I ever aspired to learn more about a topic that I thought to be so small, yet was so broad and diverse, and soon opened my eyes to push my art to the next level.

Before I bought my first camera, I needed to learn how to truly create my photographs to what my eye saw. So I pushed forward to learn, learn, learn, and. . . and learn even more. For the three months of summer I had out of school, I doubt I went even a week without studying, on my own, the functions of photography, composition, lighting, angles, and everything I needed to start.

My passion did not leave me, ever. It grew everyday, and still grows to this day. Though I have only been doing the art for a year, it is my life. At school, if anyone knows me, they know me as "that photographer". As that photographer, it is my desire to evoke the emotions of the people around me and create an expression of passion from my heart to theirs through my work.

I strive to continue learning, never to reach a top goal, but to keep my ever-growing experience running. I find myself spending hours on end in my spare time looking at photos of others, sharing my own, and studying different techniques, compositions, etc. My deep passion for my work is finding the micro detail of a subject, what one may feel and see only if they look closely, the emotion in animals, people, the Earth, and what it presents to us. I love to photograph people and animals especially. Finding the heart of a portrait is the focus on emotion. In almost all of my portraits, of animals or people, you will find that the eyes will always be in strong detail and focus. The eyes represent so much expression, and the story behind their feelings. I am exploring all subjects of photography, lately in landscape, studio still-life, sports, as well as the business work of Stock Photography.

I love the art and hope to be found through my passion. I continue to try my hardest to work photography as art, a business, the gateway to my own personal happiness, and an overall passion I will never give up.

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