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Joe Randeen

Joe Randeen

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What looks better on your wall, a beautifully taken and professionally printed photograph or a CD hanging on a brass nail? What is nicer, a stack of photographs or a stunning bound and printed picture book that you can enjoy with friends and family? In this "modern" technological age, photographs are becoming more rare. We take more photos but often they are not printed and most of them aren't worth printing. Having professionally taken pictures gives you something that you can enjoy every day. Keep safe your memories of family and friends. What about you, your parents, your grandparents? Myself, I wish I had more pictures of my grandparents, of us together. My life with them is something that I cherish and want to share with my children. The few pictures I do have, I value so much. I would love an opportunity to photograph you and your family - to create those special moments. Working in the Southern California, primarily in the Inland Empire, let's set up a time to talk, in person. Look forward to hearing from you, Joe ------------------------------------ 714.312.6071
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