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Test 1 reflected more light to the side than the Omni-Bounce, but the light spread was uneven. Test 2 didn\'t work out at all.

Emulating bare bulb with speedlight - or - Desc...

Published February 12th, 2013

Couple days ago I read an article called "3 Ways To Bare Bulb your Flash" from DIY Photography ( and started to think if there is a fourth option which would not cut as much light as Omni-Bounce/Wax-Fenning and would not require me risking my life with capacitors.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a simple idea and did some drawings while drinking my morning coffee about how the fourth option could be done. Items required were broken down umbrella, (some wire iron), adhesive reflecting contact paper and some hard plastic. (Umbrella was needed to get the wire iron and the "sticks" to build the frame that would hold the bulb-emulating reflector in front of the flash.)

First attempt was done with mirror contact paper only and tested against Omni-Bounce, and it worked out quite nicely, except it wasn't stable and light spread was uneven (see Test 1 in image "Reflect'O'cone aka. LightCone test 1"). In test 2 some hard plastic was ...

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Finally - to the fruity bits

Published July 7th, 2011

I finally found some time to set up the fruit-shoot. Results were not quite what I had planned, but got some OK shots anyway. The reflections were giving me some trouble, maybe a cir-pol-filter would have been in order. Well, shoot and learn - and shoot some more. That's the way it goes...

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(Not exaclty) a waste of time?

Published July 5th, 2011

I was supposed to take a new series of photos, focusing on fruits (oh yes, this such a clever pun was indeed intended). I promised myself that I would not get stuck to the depths of the "information superhighway" (hilarious term that is way underrated), but got lost in here (thanks to Zack Arias and his blog) and decided to create an account. However, I do not think that my time was wasted, this seems like a great place. Be seeing you!

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